Senin, 06 Februari 2012 FIXER 2.7 Full + Crack FIXER 2.7 Full + Crack |Have you ever had a problem on the file. DLL in your Windows? Maybe the problem is due to the file .dll virus infected, corrupted, or missing. Confused locate the file .dll is in want? Full +Crack FIXER solution. FIXER Full + Crack will allow you to find the file. Etc. that you need. Equipped with Registry Fixer to add steady.
Basicly the language is Polish (Pl)

Full version of Error Repair DLL (shared files), with the which many users have a problem.
-Registry Optimization in an intelligent and always the easiest way.
-Defrag. and optimize the system registry.
-Solving problems related to registry errors.
-Repair applications after a system failure and suspension PC.
-Prevention of unwanted questions again and again That Appear.
-Shortens the reaction time.
-Increase system performance.
-Repairs and cleans the registry from unwanted and invalid entries.
Installation: Click Fixer pl.exe and instalation process will run.
If you want to change into English, just click the flag symbol for english at the top-right corner of the menu bar
Tested worked in Win7 32 Bit, 64 Bit Win7, WinXP SP3.

Password :

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