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Game Rise Of Nation Gold Edition Full RIP

Game Rise Of Nation Gold Edition Full RIP | Already know this old game? Yes, Rise Of Nation is a game from Microsoft that type of strategy.
From managing the economy, troops and weaponry. Rise Of Nation Gold Edition is a version of Rise Of Nations Rise Of Nation mixture of (normal) with Rise of Nation thrones and Patriot which certainly had an army and a new building.
Rise of Nations is a real-time strategy computer game developed by Big Huge Games and published by Microsoft on May 20, 2003. The development of the game was led by veteran Brian Reynolds, of Civilization II and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Concepts taken from turn-based strategy games have been added into the game - Including territories and attrition warfare. Rise of Nations features 18 civilizations, playable through 8 ages of world history.

On April 28, 2004, Big Huge Games released Rise of Nations: thrones and Patriots, an expansion pack. Later That year, a Gold edition of Rise of Nations was released, the which included both the original and the expansion. (Wikipedia)


Editing units
Doing this can allow you to change stats of units.

First find your rise of nations folder. then go to the'' data'' folder. Find the file called'''' unitrules. right-click on it and go to properties. be sure to select only archive and disable read-only. open this document using Microsoft Word preferable. Then be sure to read the information. Next you can edit any unit. Be sure not to change the names of the units this can cause errors

Increase population limit
PART I - Find your Rise Of Nations folder in your Microsoft games directory in the program files folder in your C drive. Go into the data folder, and look for rules.xml, right-click the file and select open in notepad. Press Ctrl + F, and type in to search for it. From here you can edit the Desired population limit entries in quotation marks. Also, search for and edit the value and type in the same number That you Entered for the last entry in the pop cap field.

PART II - Then press Ctrl + F, and search poplimits. Edit each category to the Desired population cap you would like. Then type in the Desired population limits in the data brackets under each category.

For example, the end result would be:





Press Enter during game play, then type one of the Following codes to enable the corresponding cheat function.


Enable in-game cheat keys - cheat keys on
Toggle game pause - cheat pause (0 or 1)
Set all players to human and full map - cheat sandbox
Set AI state - cheat ai (on, off, or debug)
Machine guns around every human capital - cheat safe
Set difficulty - cheat diff (0-5)
Display achievements - cheat Achieve
Force alliance with nation - cheat ally (name)
Force peace with nation - cheat peace (name)
Force war with nation - cheat war (name)
Force encounter with nation - cheat meet (name)
Force encounter-off with nation - cheat unmeet (name)
Turn off computer control - cheat human (name)
Turn on computer control - cheat computer (name)
Defeat nation - cheat defeat (name)
Victory for nation - cheat victory (name)
Show or change technology - cheat tech (name) (tech or all) (on or of)
Show or change resource - cheat resource (name) (goodtype or all) (+ or -) (number)
Add indicated number of all resources - cheat resource all + (number)
Show or change age for nation - cheat age (number) (name)
Show or change military level for nation - cheat military (number) (name)
Show or change civic level for nation - cheat civic (number) (name)
Show or change commerce level for nation - cheat commerce (number) (name)
Show or change science level for nation - cheat science (number) (name)
Show or change all library tech levels for nation - cheat library (number) (name)
Toggle bounding box mode - cheat Bbox (0 or 1)
Show combat ranges - cheat ranges (0 or 1)
Kill object or all selected - cheat die (name or no entry)
Adjust damage to object or all selected - cheat damage (name or no entry) (+ or -) (number)
Insert unit or building at pointer location - cheat insert (number) (type) (WHO = RED) (x, y)
Insert unit or building at pointer location - cheat add (number) (type) (WHO = RED) (x, y)
Finishes selected building (s) or next item in queue - cheat finish
Drop a Wild Bird at pointer location - cheat bird
Drop a Nuke at pointer location - cheat nuke
Packs the currently selected unit (s), if They are packing units - cheat pack
Deploys the currently selected unit (s), if They are deploying units - cheat deploy
Toggle full map - cheat reveal (0 or 1)
Change game explore configuration - cheat explore (normal, Explored, all)
System Requirements:

Microsoft ® Windows ® 98/Me/XP/2000
PC with 500 MHz equivalent or higher processor
128 MB of system RAM
1.6 GB available hard disk space
8x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
16 MB video card required
Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
56 Kbps modem or LAN for online / multiplayer

Well here a glimpse of How To Install Gold Edition RIP RON this:

Download All Part - Combine with HJSplit
Open the folder - Extract with WINRAR
Run "setup.bat" - Enter - Enter - Wait for Process
For Win7, Disable UAC first. (Recomended)
How can search on Google.
The process takes approximately 15 minutes.
When completed will come from the Ripper Screen Pop [Cross Fire] - Press ESC
Last run "REGMENOW. Reg" - YES

Play by running "Rise.exe" or "Nation.exe" or "Thrones.exe" or "Patriots.exe" contained in the folder Microsoft Games - Rise Of Nation was formed after the Install. 
Password : dytoshare.us
Download Game Rise Of Nation Gold Edition Full RIP

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