Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

Qur'an 3D

Qur'an 3D Freeware  Reading Al-Quran (Holy Book of Muslims) is typically done by using the Al-Quran in book form. However, over the technology-paced era, Al-Quran is now available digitally with this 3D Quran. For you are busy with work to install thisapplication on a laptop or tablet pc. This application is Freeware.

Learn about the values ​​Such as Justice, Peace Morals and the which is written in the Quran. Multi-Language Software Quran. Full Arabic / English with Qur'anic Commentary Transliteration, Index and Glossary (500 + words!), And Full search. Supports Plug-in Quran Translations.

Qur'an verses can be compared in any installed language! Other languages ​​can be downloaded That and installed include: French, German, Malay, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Hausa, Indonesian Turkishand. 8 other English translations also available!

Many other useful features are also included. Now features, Computer Generated Mushaf pages of the original Sacred Arabic text, as well as an Advanced Manuscript Viewer.

For those who doubt it may be assumed that there may be intent on destroying, please go back and check with the real Al-Quran. If in doubt, do not use. Okay.
Password : www.dytoshare.us

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