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Tutorial Install Windows 7 Via USB

 Tutorial Install Windows 7 Via USB | Do you have a netbook and not have room external DVD?
 So how can install its OS like windows vista or Windows 7, which is usually done through a DVD with DVD-ROM?

Do not worry, because through this article I will share about how to installWindows 7 via USB, step by step and screenshots with it. The solution is to make the installation of Windows 7 or Vista into a USB flash drive (USB Drive). To make it we can use the free software Windows 7 USB DVD Tool.

Windows 7 USB DVD Tool is a free software (open source) which is intended to make the installation of windows 7 or Vista into a USB Flash drive. So stick to be bootable and it facilitates the installation process for users who have a netbook or a laptop without a DVD-ROM / DVD-RW.

First, we will make the USB flash disk from an ISO file (if you have one).
If you do not have any windows in the form of an ISO file can use the second way, we will make of the Windows 7 installation DVD.

For the first method requires a device called Windows7 USB DVD tool.
The second way suitable for the existing computer DVD-ROM. The requirement you must have a USB flash disk size of 4 GB.

Run the Windows7 USB DVD tool. Click "Browse" then locate the ISO file it and then click "Next".


Then select the media to be used. Because you want to create an installerfrom a USB flash disk select "USB device".


Select the USB flash disk drive her. Usually Windows7 USB DVD tool willautomatically detect it. Click "Begin copying".


The file will be copied. wait until the end. When finished, restart the computer, enter BIOS. At the boot priority, change to the "Removable Storage". If you have a source of CD / DVD can use WinToFlash applications.


Just like Windows7 USB DVD tool, WinToFlash not need to be installed. After download, extract, just double click on the file WinToFlash.exe came WinToFlash view.


Click on "Windows setup wizard transfer" so that it appears the page "Welcome". Click "Next". Specify the drive that contains the Windows 7 installation DVD and USB drives.


Appears Windows License Agreement select "I Accept" then click "Continue". Warning appears if the USB flash disk will be formatted. Click "OK".

The copying process will run. Wait until it finishes.
If completed, plug the USB Flash Disk on your PC or netbook and replace its boot priority to the Removable Storage.

Well that's Tips On How To Install Windows 7 With Usb stick. May be useful for the companions of the more needy.

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