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MiniLyrics v7.3.918 Full + Loader

MiniLyrics v7.3.918 Full + Loader | Want to karaoke with easy? Maybe you could try alternative software for karaoke this one, called MiniLyrics v7.3.918 Full + Loader. With MiniLyrics we can display lyric song when we listen to songs on our favorite media player.

MiniLyrics is a tool That integrates into Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, RealPlayer, foobar2000 and VLC Media Player, in order to automatically display lyrics for songs.

During the installation process, you have to choose one or Several media players, so That MiniLyrics can install a supported plugin.

For example, we chose VLC Media Player. Unfortunately, there are no guidelines to say how you are Supposed to activate MiniLyrics. In VLC, you have to go to Preferences, view all settings, go to Control Interfaces, and here you must enable MiniLyrics, after the which you have to restart VLC.

The interface is completely customizable of MiniLyrics, so you can select from Several skins - Fantasy, iTunes Mode, Windows 7, Metal, Modern, and others.

Once you load a music file, automatically searches for the MiniLyrics lyrics correspondent within its database. Of course, some of the lyrics are not accurate, but you can correct them in an editor.

You can rate and upload lyrics, save them as a LRC file, select character encoding, select lyrics floating mode or lyrics bar mode, or configure display options - adjust hue, enable mouse click-through, enable karaoke display mode, or select vertical scrolling , double line, single line, horizontal scrolling, static text, or movie subtitle style.

The application uses a small amount of system memory, but we have encountered some irritating glitches. For example, every time you switch to another window and then return to MiniLyrics, the interface freezes. To revert the process, you have to minimize to tray and then restore MiniLyrics. Furthermore, if you accidentally close its window, you have to restart the media player.

Key Feature:

· Automatic lyrics display for your favorite songs

· Cool skins

Compatibility with 22 players:
· Winamp
· Windows Media Player
· Zune software
· Foobar2000
· Apple iTunes
· RealPlayer
· VLC Media Player
· Songbird
· Quintessential Player
· Spotify
· MediaMonkey
· The KMPlayer
· JetAudio
· Yahoo! Music Engine
· J. River Media Center
· J. River Media Jukebox
· XMPlay
· Helium Music Manager
· AlbumPlayer
· Silverjuke
· BSPlayer


· One of the supported players must be installed in order to run MiniLyrics

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed: crash when switching may MiniLyrics skins.
Password :

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