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Bunch of Heroes v1.0 Full + Cracked

Bunch of Heroes v1.0 Full + Cracked |Bunch of Heroes v1.0 Full + Cracked is a shooter game genre where here you will be an adventurous character against your enemies. Glance Bunch of Heroes v1.0 Cracked is much like Alien Shooter, but the difference in graphics, weapons, and enemies are more unique. Although simple, this game is quite know for leisure.
Dual-stick shooters are pretty easy to come by. They may not be as popular as military shooters or cheesy dance games, but if you're looking for an enjoyable arcade experience That does not require too much thinking, you have some options. Due to Their wide availability, developers need to do something pretty special and exciting with the formula if They have any hope of standing out. It's a genre almost exclusively run by independent developers, so it's about creativity - not a big budget. NGD Studios, one of Latin America's leading game developers, has decided to break away from the MMO Their roots and try Their luck with Bunch of Heroes - a "comical" top-down shooter for the PC.

That's a pretty big change from what they've been developing, and while the gameplay is competent, there's a complete absence of soul. Nothing from the razor thin story to the dull level design manages to feel unique. It's completely playable, and the co-op can be enjoyable from time to time, but it did not take long before it just felt like I was going through the motions. Bunch of Heroes has no style, no substance, and Gives me no reason to recommend it.

Who or what the "Bunch of Heroes" is, I could not really tell you. There's a hefty football player named Joe Jared, a female agent with a mastery of martial arts and gun Both Liu's name, the cigar Munching captain El Camarada, weapons expert and a skinny That goes by Captain Smith. All this can be gathered from Their Appearances, and while it's an interesting and diverse group, nothing is done with the actual characters to Make Them compelling.

There's never an explanation for why they've teamed up and the one-liners Constantly popping up on screen are so generic that i would never be Able to tell you WHO They CAME from if there wasn'ta face attached to the box. There are A Few funny references to Pink Floyd or Heroes (and funny Actually may be a stretch), but the lack of any unique personality to go with the four very different characters is a big missed opportunity. Not every game needs a strong story arc, but if you're going to put a focus on an Unlikely Group of Heroes all hailing from different parts of the world, just the make sure to give Them Actually each a persona.

The special attacks seem to be the only difference in how characters play.

That's all fine and dandy, but the total lack of variety in level design and objective types is the make the action completely competent grow far too Quickly tiring. Actually I was impressed by the mix of activities in the first episode of the game, but by my second and third adventure, it was pretty obvious the game That Had blown its load a tad bit early. The series of events in every level is almost identical - blow something up, stop something from being blown up, and protect some arbitrary house. It's a lazy way to add extra content, and Gives the player no reason to play more than a Few levels.

Yup, now I just want to play Burn Zombie Burn!

If there is a fun way to play this game, it's with friends. Maybe I'm just a sucker for any co-op, but I enjoyed most of my time online with three other Strangers. I never Had any issues with lag, and with Such open maps, your friends can run off to other areas and shoot zombies from a distance (if that's Their thing). As I've Stated before, the guns and the actual shooting portion of the game are entirely capable, so as long as you know A Few People who also took a chance with the game (there weren't many people online During my review process) , you will not have a terrible time.
System Requirements:

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz / AMD Athlon Dual Core
Nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX / ATI Radeon X800 Pro
1 GB of RAM for XP / 2 GB of RAM for Vista / 7
2 GB Disk Space
DirectX 9.0

INFO - Problem Solved:

I had experienced problems when going to play a Bunch of Heroes is the warning "OpenAL32.dll" is Missing or Corrupt, The solution is quite easy. You can just download the 'OALINTS.exe' Then Install. Then you play this game.

Password :
Download OALINTS.exe

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