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cFosSpeed v7.00.1901 Full + Trial Reset

cFosSpeed v7.00.1901 Full + Trial Reset 
since there is a newer and much postingkan so I asked again the latest version of cFosSpeed ​​v7.00.1901 Full + Trial Reset this. cFosSpeed ​​v7.00.1901 This serves as a trusted software that can stabilize our internet connection. cFosSpeed ​​v7.00.1901 Full + Trial Reset this will help to balance between upload and download speed so it will be more stable.
cFosSpeed ​​- Internet Acceleration with Traffic Shaping and bandwidth management. Ping optimizer + packet prioritization.

Maximum Download & Minimum Ping. For DSL, ADSL, VDSL, Cable, Modem, ISDN, Mobile (GSM, GPRS, HSCSD, UMTS, HSDPA), Filesharing(P2P), Online Games, VoIP, Streaming Media and Tuning

Will your computer run smoother than ever using cFosSpeed ​
Key Features  :

· Free configurable Prioritization
· Self-calibrating
· Layer-7 Analysis
· Firewall
· Automatic router detection
· Optimal Dial-Up Connections
· VPN - WLAN - WiFi - MTU-Optimization
· Multi User Features
· Broadband limits
What's new in cFosSpeed ​​7:01 Build 1922 Beta:
January 12th, 2012

· On some machines spd.exe consumed a lot of CPU power and heavily accessed the registry. Fixed.
· On some machines the status window is not displayed after alwaysw sleep. Hopefully fixed.

What's new in cFosSpeed ​​7:01 Build 1921 Beta:
December 8th, 2011

· CFosSpeed ​​now checks every 2 days for news programs. If there are any, it displays the mail symbol in the status window and opens a url if clicked. This feature is on by default. If you are not interested in news programs, you can turn it off in the context menu under "Options".
· Fixed missing ml-string.

What's new in cFosSpeed ​​7:01 Build 1920 Beta:
November 18th, 2011

· The on-the-fly prioritization dialog did not allow you to Permanently prioritize programs, the which weren't Permanently already prioritized. Fixed

What's new in cFosSpeed ​​7:00 Build 1901:
November 9th, 2011

· Added manual priorisation for connections, ie you can set connections
Desired ° to a class based on Their addresses, l7-protocols or programs
· Use the "spd Prio" (or prioritize or prioritise) command to set the Prio
· On the command line
· Help Says
· Prioritise tcp
· Prioritise udp
· Prioritise prot
· Prioritise prog
· And may contain '?' and '*' wildcards
· Examples
· Prioritise tcp default
· Prioritise udp * high
· Prioritise prot * BULK low
· Prioritise prog utorrent.exe lowest
An upcoming version · Will have a GUI to set priorities
· CFosSpeed ​​now has a class delay management: this regulates the delay of each
· Traffic class (which is user configurable) based on the amount of traffic
· In the class in comparison to other classes
· Example: if you have a lot of traffic in your 'low' class and your 'high'
· Traffic class does not get enough bandwidth, cFosSpeed ​​Will introduce some
· Delay for the 'low' class, so it sends less rapidly and your 'high' class
· Streams get some additional performance
· This Should greatly help heavy torrent downloaders like users
· CFosSpeed ​​will from now actively slow down the rx-speed of download streams if
· They are lower than other streams Prioritised the which run at the same time
· In other words: if you are watching a video stream in your brower (high
· PRIO) and downloading at the same time (low Prio), cFosSpeed ​​Will slow down
· The downloads to the make sure you get enough bandwidth for the the video
· But if the video is stopped, all the bandwidth is again available for the
· Downloads
· This can be switched off by "spd gset throttle_fast 0". Default is on
· "Spd classes" and "spd cons-wquot" et al. show a column named "wquot"
· The which is a quotient That shows how fast a stream Resp. class is in
· Comparision to how fast it Should Be. E.g. a quotient of 1:00 means
· Perfect, 1.5 means 50% too fast, 0.8 means 20% too slow
° to comply with the Windows design guides, cFosSpeed ​​now stores all global
· Traffic Shaping and related data in \ ProgramData \ cFos \ cFosSpeed ​​directory
· All user-specific data, like selected language and skins, are stored in
· Users \ \ AppData \ Local \ cFos \ cFosSpeed
· The class-weight parameter That is specified in the default settings does
· Now specify the weight of all rx-streams in a class and no longer the weight
· Of a single stream. This helps to keep fast sending streams of low priority
· Like P2P) slower and higher Prio streams faster. A regulation is exacter
· Still in development
· Added On-the-fly prioritization. The "current connections" dialog now
· Has the option to prioritize a connection, protocol or program temporary
· Or easily add it to the prioritization scheme. Just click on a connection
° to change its priority. In many cases it Will be Easier to use this dialog
· Than the normal program and protocol prioritization dialogs. So, for example
· While you work / play on your computer and notice a connection Certain uses
· Too much bandwidth, you can click it and Reduced-without changing its priority
· The general prioritization system
· You can now undo the change of priority by using a "spd Prio none"
· Command (ie by specifying a command with the class name "none"). The class
· Is then reset to the value before the setting
· That Only classes are no longer 'idle' or 'working' can be changed in Their
· Priority. Otherwise, They are not in use anyway, since 'idle' or 'working'
· Are only set on fresh connections were the resource persons the priority Could not yet been
· Determined
· Added a filter expression-manual. It's true for packets on connections That
· Have been manually changed in Their priority
· The "spd perf" setting is now saved automatically
· Added Indonesian language Bahasa & British. That makes a total of 32
· Supported languages. Even more languages ​​are downloadable from our web site
· Here: http://www.cfos.de/speed/documentation/lang.htm
· The L7 detector now recognizes Bittorrent uTP
· Class rule works now for UDP connections as well
· "Spd classes" command shows stats for all classes in table form
· Added-delay parameters for classes. With this you can the make sure the packets in
· That class are sent only after a minimum delay time in the queue. That Is
· Delay Cann add some additional delay for packets. By default, all delays
· Are set to 0, i.e. no additional delays are introduced
· Added-class filter expression. This allows filtering after the class of a
· TCP stream, i.e. Could you use the filter "-tx-class higher-lower lower-c"
° to filter out all TCP ACKs of streams That are classified as lower
· The program prioritization and protocol dialogs now have a button
Prioritization ° to restore the settings to Their default values
· The program prioritization dialog now allows you to suggest a newlyadded
· Programs to the cFos team, so We can include it in future releases
· Changed the look of the current connections dialog. It also now has a
· "Freeze" button to stop periodical update of the current connections
· Speeded protocol dialogs and program prioritization. This also
· Fixes the bug where IE9 Causes page display problems Pls switching to
· The games section
· Skins now support an x-and y-offset positioning. By specifying
· Y_ofs x_ofs = and = in the [all] section of the skin. THIS you
· Can move the skin's default position by pixels to the right and
· Pixels to the bottom. This is useful, if the skins have shadows
· Auto-hide on fullscreen now also works after you opened / closed the
· Window manually. However, if you turn off auto-open/auto-hide
· Auto-hide on fullscreen is also deactivated
· Due to popular demand, We added an option to lock the window position to
· The window settings sub-menu
· Added Layer-7 detection for streams VLC and Media Player Classic
° FROM now on, the installation archives contain Both x86 and x64 flavors of
· CFosSpeed ​​("fat" archives). The right setup is started automatically
· Furthermore, the archives are packed with LZX, resulting in a higher
· Compression ratio
· Status window is now auto-arrange turned off Pls you manually move the
· Status window
· Added "spd echo ..." That just echos the command text to the trace file and
· Console
· Fixed a problem the second window and disabled line calibration / test send Pings in
· CFosSpeed ​​context menu
· Fixed Several bugs in the Online Budget / Counter dialogs
· Fixed truncated l7-protocol names in connection overview
· Fixed a crash. Thanks to Norbert Paradowski for the dump file
· When you press the freeze button in the dialog and the current connections
· Then click on one of the sorter tabs, the current connections are still
· Refreshed and sorted
· Fixed a bug where net_talk_bcast would not be saved properly and was lost
· After the next restart. Thanks to ?????? ??????? for his bug report
· Fixed a bug in rx-shaping code
· Fixed a long-standing bug, where the status window would disappear
· After stand-by/wake up
· Fixed a bug where the html files newer dialogue would not overwrite the old
· During an update installation ones
· Fixed a bug That Caused the driver not to load Sometimes after booting
· If a ping_dest has been set by the user We accept ping replies ("pongs")
° to any TTL. Otherwise, only replies to ping TTLs 2-4 are accepted. Thanks
° to tomtores for inspiration
· Fixed a rare bluscreen
· Added check against NULL pointers in Windows 7 mobile broadband drivers status
· Messages. Thanks to marmal for bug reports and dump files
Tips :
Select Trial Reset the Automatic mode, with this Automatic mode cFosSpeed ​​you will always be 30-Day Trial, despite being older than 30 days propagators. It is as if such Trial Forever.

Password : www.dytoshare.us

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