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Jurassic Park The Game Full Version

The Game Jurassic Park Full Version | You are not necessarily familiar with the word 'Jurassic Park' right? Jurassic Park is famous for his film that makes us taste in the world of dinosaur era. Well, similar to his movie, Jurassic Park  The Game Full Version tells a dinosaur park that was not right. And we here will be cast as the film, such as guards, hunters, etc.
Jurassic Park: The Game is NOT an adventure game shooting dinosaurs you know? We do not run such an active shooter game, here we set up his command alone. Yes similar to the game The Sims. But still fun especially fitting clay dinosaur fights.

"Universal and game developer Telltale are teaming up to create a new Jurassic Park game unlike anything you've ever seen before!"

Jurassic Park: The Game is an episodic downloadable, third-person adventure game; canonically set sometime after the system failure of the park in Steven Spielberg's film. Will it feature a brand new set of characters, as well as existing secondary ones That Will Provide the story of the park's Demise and the escaping Adventures of remaining authorized and unauthorized personnel on Isla Nublar.

The game was released on November 15th, 2011 for PC / Mac and Consoles [1] The Xbox version Will receive a retail disc. All launch copies contain all four episodes as a package.


One of the tidbits That was the game would go about Trying to resolve some of the plots and events of the film, with one example being the fate of Dennis Nedry's Barbasol cans, containing the dinosaur embryos he tried to smuggle off the island.

The following information are classified spoilers, if you have not played the game yet please be warned.

The game begins with a mysterious woman running in the jungle. She is injured and Cleary Constantly scanning the area for an Unseen threat. Eventually it is Revealed That She is chased by creatures with glowing eyes and is chased off of a cliff. Barely surviving the fall, She ends up next to a road in the which a vehicle is barreling down the road and the scene ends leaving the survival of the woman questionable.

It then skips back to Earlier in the day with a father and a daughter overlooking the jungles. The characters are Revealed to be ParkVeterinarian Gerry Harding and his teenage daughter Jess. They are scanning the area for Dinosaurs, the which are shown to be Triceratops. In order to the make the boat on time to get her back to the mainland on time, They are seen preceeding back to the Visitor's Center, but not before Gerry has to growing niche to a sick Triceratops.
System Requirements:

1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
2 GB of RAM
ATI or NVidia card w / 256 MB RAM
Direct X 9.0c
XP Service Pack 3 / Vista / Windows 7
2 GB Free HDD Space
Direct X 8.1 sound device

How to Install:

Download all parts (14 parts) - Extract with WinRAR (Automatic incorporated)
Extract the 'Jurassic-Park-TheGame.iso' with PowerISO
Run 'JurassicPark100_Setup.exe' to start the Install
Install as usual until completion
Copy 'JurassicPark100.exe' in the folder Fairlight
Paste in the game installation folder before
(C: \ Program Files \ Telltale Games \ Jurassic Park The Game \ GameData)
Overwrite / Copy and Replace - YES
Enjoy the Game

Password : www.dytoshare.us
Download Jurassic Park The Game Full Version (2,6 GB : 14 Part @200 MB)

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