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Deep Freeze Standard 7.22 Full + Serial

Deep Freeze Standard 7.22 Full + Serial |In the past I've penah Share Deep Freeze Standard version 7 Full With Serial, but it turns out this version 7 can not be used in Windows 7. Well now I again share the latest Deep Freeze Deep Freeze Standard Full + Serial 7.22. Deep Freeze Standard 7.22 Full + Serial can be used in all Windows including Windows 7. Okay without any great length, for the needy please try.
Deep Freeze is a backup and recovery system can disable That all changes made ​​to the operating system of computer, at the next reboot.

This kind of tool is recommended Pls you really do not want anyone else making some uncalled modifications to your virtual system.

Simply put, Pls Deep Freeze is activated, it will from a restore all initial settings of your computer at the next startup.

Be careful though, if you forget the program on (on the frozen mode) and then the make some Important changes (eg, write and save an Important document, install a licensed software), Will you lose everything at the next startup. And unfortunately, enabling or disabling Deep Freeze Will always require a restart.

You need to set up a master password can activate and deactivate That Deep Freeze. Make sure you do not forget it Because there's no way of getting it back.

Overall, the program may be Difficult to understand, ESPECIALLY by first-time users, but the make sure to check out the help file before getting into it (for example, to bring out the password window and enable / disable the program, go to the Deep Freeze in the system tray, hold down Shift and double-click the left mouse button).

Uninstalling it can also be tricky, Deep Frozen Because needs to be deactivated. We, for instance, have misunderstood some of its guidelines, and this Caused us to run around in circles.

The application does not use too much CPU and memory, and its full version price is quite reasonable.

In conclusion, if you want a guaranteed way to preserve your computer's information, then Deep Freeze is the perfect tool for you. Just be careful Pls amnesic Becomes the computer.

Usefulness DeepFreeze will basically freeze / lock the hard drive so that the content (display, file, configuration, etc.) can not be changed by someone else or a virus.

The advantage of using Deep Freeze is the data that we freeze we will not go away and avoid the unwanted files. For example in the cafe, if not installed deep freeze may have buanyak program installed. But if in the Deep Freeze, we restart everything will be all right again when the Freeze.

Losses, if we want to install / store something in a location in the Freeze, we have to unfreeze it first. Deep Freeze is equipped with a password so it can access only those that know the password. (Deep Freeze 7 hacknya no tools). If we forget to store data on disk is in the Freeze, then when it restarts the data will be lost.

TIPS Before you Freeze your computer.

Scan the hard disk to be first in the Freeze with updated antivirus. (Here I recommend a hard drive containing the Windows system are in Freeze, but it's all up to you).
Make sure Install all needed applications as well. (For example diwarnet install browser, FlashPlayer, Office, and other software that would need).
After making sure the software is just right and there is no virus, then start mengFreeze.
If you install the antivirus, then install the antivirus-ah on the disk that is not in Freeze order to keep updated.
Always remember your password
Do not delete the installer will be required if DeepFreeze because any time you want menguninstallnya.

DeepFreeze 7.22 can not be uprooted by 0.4 AntiDeepfreeze especially in Windows 7, so make sure you do not forget the password. 
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