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Collage Maker 3.7 Rev D

Collage Maker 3.7 Rev D

DOWNLOAD Collage Maker 3.7 Rev D

Collage Maker is a tool that simplifies the process of building photo collages. Create eye-catching collages quickly and effortlessly. Select a group of photos and let Collage Maker generate the collage according to your preferences. Holiday and Basic Templates are now available which make it easy to build a Collage for those special events. Collage Maker includes over 300 Ornate Picture Frames, over 200 Textures, Theme Backgrounds, Rubber Stamps, and Masks. Print your*collages on your color printer or have them professionally processed at a digital photo center.

Key features:
· Build photo collages and other graphic documents
· Create graphics for web sites
· Contains a collection of background textures (80+ textures)
· Contains a collection of Masks or use your own
· Gradient Background Effects (Vertical or Horizontal orientation)
· Copy/Paste to Clipboard
· Printing Capabilities (Supports 3"x5",4"x6",8"x10" formats)
· Capable of processing most major graphic formats (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, WMF, PSP, PSD, etc)
· Save Collage as JPG (specify compression level), GIF, or Bitmap.
· Masking/Alpha Blending Features
· Halo Effects - Generate Halo effect around photo or text
· Drop Shadow Effects - Generate Drop Shadow around photo or text
· Cropping Capabilities
· Brightness/Contrast Controls - Adjust brightness and contrast
· Photo Borders/Mattes - Generate mattes around photos
· Custom Mask Capability - Create a custom mask (blend photos together)
· Various Color Effects
· Grayscale - Convert color photo to grayscale version
· Sepia Effect - Gives photo an old, weathered look
· Colorize Controls - Apply a hue to a photo to create an interesting effect
· Clip art (WMF Support)
· Transparency Capabilities
· Photo Resampling - Smooth photo resizing with anti-aliasing
· Photo Rotation Capabilities
· Many Text Options
· Anti-aliasing features (smooth fonts)
· Custom angle text rotation
· Multiple Line Text Entry
· Left, Center, and Right Alignment for Text
· Text Outlining Capability
· Text Background Capability


Source : Softdown32

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