Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Avanquest Video Explosion Ultimate 7.7 ML

Avanquest Video Explosion Ultimate 7.7 ML

DOWNLOAD Avanquest Video Explosion Ultimate 7.7 ML

The program Video Explosion Ultimate from Avanquest makes it possible to make installation of your video, photos and music to create a film worthy of professionals that you will be able to send or provide your friends and family.

The program also has a module for capturing video from digital camcorders, analog sources, etc. Built-in to create a DVD-menu can be used to create a menu for your video editing. Writer drives can burn a CD or DVD with your video.

The program allows you to display video:

- Via the Internet in Windows Media format or in formats used by services like YouTube or Dailymotion
- On a CD or DVD, or even in a format DivX Ultra DVD with a Menu
- In the WMV HD format with a given profile
- The format DivX HD, which can be recorded on a standard DVD
- In a format compatible with the PSP, IPod, IPad and mobile phones
- Directly to social networking sites like Facebook or YouTube


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