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SensorsView Pro 4.2 Build 41103

SensorsView Pro 4.2 Build 41103

DOWNLOAD SensorsView Pro 4.2 Build 41103

SensorsView Pro is a small software that lets you monitor the inner workings of your computer. The user interface consists of a small window where you can view CPU, memory, HDD usage and temperature, but where you can also access Settings, a graph of temperatures, fans, voltages, CPU and memory usage, as well as Statistics.

If you exceed or go below a specific temperature for any hardware component, SensorsView Pro will notify you by balloon tips and sounds, or via e-mail. In the Settings menu, you can change temperature format, update interface for hard drives and sensors, customize appearance (i.e. change window style and mode, toggle whether you want a particular type of usage to be displayed or not), play sound, enable alarm and event log.

Here are some key features of "SensorsView Pro":
· Support almost all monitoring chips and motherboards.
· Notification at critical values.
· You can set a threshold of concern and correction.
· Sending email.
· Charts.
· Showing chosen parameter in the tray.
· Showing CPU usage.
· Showing physical memory usage.
· Auto-check for new versions.
· Log file for events and warning messages.



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